#Afternoon Out in Lincoln’s Inn Fields


Queenie affects Gallic insouciance avec Breton-style top

Last Monday (22nd August), Millman Street Community Centre members were taken on an impromptu trip to Lincoln’s Inn Fields, soaking up the summer breeze and sipping tea and eating ice cream and cakes.

This was another of occasional days out, which – weather permitting – Millman Street members experience, and some even enjoy.

The trip wasn’t universally popular, however.  “There’s nothing there,” Ivy said.  “It was the same old crap!  It was boring!”

“I don’t like the place,” Mulegetta added.  “The environment is not good.”

Edna, Helena, Bettina, Queenie, George and Margaret also went, along with Carmen and Steve.  “If you like tea it was okay,” George said.  “We just sat there and drank it.”


Edna at the biscuits & the ever-vigilant Bettina on the look-out for pinstripe-trousered types

“We had a pot of tea and a fairy cake,” Margaret said.  “We wasn’t there all that long.  Quite a short period.  It was a nice day,” she added.  “Russell Square’s nicer.  Lincoln’s Inn was quite busy, people sitting on the grass.”

“Solicitors, top judges and people in pinstripe trousers,” Ivy chimed in.

Margaret recalled that, “Years ago, I used to go over there with my dog.  From near Goodge Street tube, I used to take my children, to Russell Square and Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  My mum lived in the area.”


Carmen at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Photos by Steve; Report by Notes Smudger

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