#”An Oasis In Suburbia…” : Eltham Palace Jaunt


Eltham Palace: Royals not in residence…

On Thursday 18th August, Millman Street Community Centre members traveled from Holborn on a rare jaunt to South London to visit Eltham Palace .  The money for the trip was paid for by Warner Brothers cinema.

The palace itself is an unoccupied royal residence, is owned by the Crown Estate and maintained by English Heritage.  It features an architectural mix of medieval and art deco.

The palace has been used in several films and television programmes, including Antiques RoadshowBrideshead Revisited and The Gathering Storm.


A Typical South London bathroom

“It was amazing,” said Tom.  “An oasis in suburbia.  We were in the countryside, in the middle of the suburbs.  Incredible,” he added.  “There were fantastic views across London. The house was really interesting.”

“We had a great day out,” said Steve.  “I got a card off Ruth, saying how much she enjoyed it, and she bought me a bottle of wine [as a thank you] for pushing her around in a wheelchair all day.”

“It was a very nice day, ” said Sevilla.  “I liked the ballroom, and the ceiling was impressive.  The architecture was also very impressive,” she added.  “There was an old-fashioned lift [in the house].  I think I was the only person who wrote their name on the guest [book].”

And what of the exterior?  “There were beautiful gardens,” she said.  “Massive grounds.  It’s very well kept.  When we went to have tea and a picnic we enjoyed it.”

She added that the staff, “Were very friendly, very accommodating.  In each room the tour guides told us the history of each room, via a video.”

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Photos by Steve; report by Notes Smudger

HCA would like to thank the oft-maligned South London for welcoming Holborn Community Centre members on the excursion.  Hopefully, it will encourage more journeys south of the river in the future.

Special thanks to our friends at Warner Brothers cinema, for raising the the money for this excursion for our members.

For more information about Eltham Palace, please go to:



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