#Regent’s Park Trip: Millman Street Community Centre Members’ Outing


A bridge, but not too far…

Last Wednesday (7th September), Millman Street Community Centre members embarked on a day out at Regent’s Park in Central London.  It was a gloriously hot day for the time of year, and somewhat chaotic (as ever), but was nonetheless enjoyed by our members.

Unfortunately, it was the last such outing experienced by one of our members, who sadly passed away yesterday, aged only 65.  At this sensitive time, it wouldn’t do to name him, but he left us with a quote that seems to have summed up his attitude to life:  “I enjoy everything I do,” he said.

Regent’s Park is larger than you may imagine (if you’ve never been there), or larger than you recall (if you haven’t been there for years).  There was too much to see and do in one day, so amid other delights of what members did see, there were garden beds sporting various flowers, ducks and geese, people on pedalos on the lake, and a waterfall.  We didn’t get as far as the zoo – a relief to this reporter, for fear of being put on display alongside the resident creatures – but found our way to two different cafes during the course of the outing for rest and refreshments.  See the slideshow (below) for a pictorial representation of some of the day’s highpoints.

Janice’s husband Geoffrey said of Regent’s Park: “It’s a lovely destination, and we’re so glad that we’ve seen the waterfall and flower garden.  That variety is much appreciated.”

“I’m enjoying myself,” Anne said.  “I liked the ducks!  Everything is nice!”  Of the weather, she said: “It reminds me of the West Indies!” – it’s not often you can say that of Britain’s climate.

As members and staff took a breather at a cafe, they shared their thoughts.  “It was a comfortable transport,” Janice said.  “The weather’s just right.  Pleasant food and very nice company.  A very good choice for the type of day – not too hot, not too cold.”

“I enjoyed it,” said Jean M.  “It got me out to see a bit of greenery and flowers.  And,” she added, “I had a bit of lunch with all of you.  It made a nice change.  All of us together, a lovely crowd.  Nice!”

David: “It’s very good. Crackerjack!” he added.  “It was nice where we had sandwiches…” [here he digressed on the alleged grumpiness of the taxi driver]…”I enjoyed the day out!”

His friend Brian’s only comment was: “Very much the same as David.”

“I really enjoyed it,” Helena said.  The sunshine has done us a lot of good; the surroundings are lovely!” – indeed, she was heard to sing I’m In Heaven gently to herself as she was wheeled around the fountain and flower beds.

“It’s lovely,” Margaret said.  “Better than sitting in the centre.  I love the flowers, the roses.  All is beautiful!  I loved the waterfall!”

As for Rose: “Enjoyed it? I have indeed!  I’m very, very happy.  Very, very pleased!”

Her daughter, Vastina, said: “I’ve enjoyed myself.  It’s a lovely park.  Mum enjoyed it; we’ve been here often when the weather is good.  I like to walk in the rose garden.”

“I’ve enjoyed it very much,” Bettina said, much brighter when out on a jaunt, as she often is.  “I’m enjoying myself!  Nice sunny weather!”

It is hoped that Millman Street Community Centre members will enjoy many more such days out to (fairly) local parks in the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good photos by Steve; Badly taken photos and report by Notes Smudger

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