#New Hue: Civil Servants Paint Railings at Millman Street Community Centre


The most famous civil servant: James Bond? Paul Merton? Ian Curtis out of Joy Division? With their identities largely obscured, the CMA volunteers just wouldn’t say…

Last Thursday (15th September), several civil servants from the CMA (Competition And Markets Authority) un-pushed their pens and picked up brushes in order to spruce up the railings and wall in the Millman Street Community Centre garden with a lick of paint.  They painted the wall white, and sanded down the old green paint of the railings, changing it to a new hue of grey, but this is merely an undercoat: the current plan is for the top coat to be a rich burgundy colour, though this is subject to change.  The painting will be carried out by a different set of volunteers, so watch this space for an update.


Due to civil service protocols, this caption pun thankfully redacted….

The CMA volunteers were co-ordinated by Mark Watkins, and the work was overseen by the unsung Martin, who usually carries out the repairs and maintenance of HCA buildings. The volunteers worked for nothing, but feasted on meat and vegetarian pizzas, cooked by Rose and Ruma, our catering staff.

Check out the groan-inducing puns captioning the photos on the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

HCA would like to thank the Competition And Markets Authority volunteers for their time and hard work in preparing the wall and railings for the top coat: what a difference this will make to our garden.

Photos by Kate; report by Notes Smudger

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