#Connaught Opera Singers at Millman Street Community Centre


Down Mexico Way; Mexican attempt to annex Holborn? Or Connaught Opera Singers in full flow?

Last Monday (26th September), Millman Street Community Centre members were treated to a performance from the Connaught Opera Singers – Glenn Wilson and Maria Arakie – with musical accompaniment from Nick Bosworth on keyboards.

Their appearance was sponsored by The City Bridge Trust, which is the City Of London Corporation’s charity.  Among other tunes, they sang Rule Brittania, In An English Country Garden and Down Mexico Way.

“I like the old boy,” said Ivy of Glenn Wilson.  “He was very well turned out.  But the old duckling….!  It’s entertaining if you like that sort of thing,”  she added.  However, she also said of Maria: “She’s quite a nice person.  Always talks to everyone!”


In An English Country Garden – almost: Glenn (foreground) and nature (through windows) entertain HCA members

“It was good,” said Helena, an opera buff.  “It was nice, lovely.  Nice singing.”

Mulegetta, Queenie, Margaret and Rose also attended the performance.  “It was good,” Rose said.  “I enjoyed it.”


Cool Britannia: Maria Arakie, Glenn Wilson and Nick Bosworth on keyboard

Glenn Wilson struck this reporter as a bit of a Derek Jacobi looky-likey.  No one else thought so, but you never see them together, do you?  Ivy remembers Glenn from The Ladies Club – he’d performed at Millman Street Centre one Christmas, singing hymns – and was surprised that he also remembered her after all these years.  “He’s always jolly, always laughing,” she said.

Pianist Nick also impressed.  “He was absolutely fantastic,” Ivy said.  “He made that piano talk!  Everybody thought it was a new piano.  He was really, really brilliant at it!”

“It was very nice,” Margaret said.  “And couldn’t he [Nick] play piano!”

“It was lovely,” said Queenie.  “I enjoyed that; it was very nice!”

“The lady had a lovely voice,” Margaret added.  “I like the way she dressed up!  She dressed as if she were an actress!”


Dressing up:  Maria (in costume and in character), Glenn (bit of a resemblance to Derek Jacobi), with Nick “making the piano talk”

Holborn Community Association would like to thank The Connaught Opera Singers for performing for our members.  As it seems to have been appreciated, we hope that they might come to entertain Millman Street Community Centre members again.

Contact Details:

Connaught Opera: www.connaughtopera.com/

City Bridge Trust: www.citybridgetrust.org.uk/

City of London Corporation: www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/
Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger
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