#Mrs H and the Singalong Band at Millman Street Community Centre


Mrs H (arms blurred) and Ali on double bass

Tales of rock’n’roll debauchery, shameless plugging and no-expense-spared riders?  At Millman Street Community Centre?  Well, sort of.  Today (12th October) saw the return of Mrs H and the Singalong Band to the Centre, where they entertained our members and local children with a selection of songs and dances.  Among the songs performed were Put Another Nickel In The Nickelodeon, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and their self-penned compositions City Bells, Dance Away With Me, Hello HelloTrain Song and Follow Me.

Members, staff and kids were joined by former manager Sue, to dance in a circle as Mrs H sang and strummed guitar, ably backed on double bass by Ali.  They have been performing together for five years, and play gigs to larger audiences at places like the Union Chapel and the Barbican.

After today’s performance, Mrs H confided that “I love being in the music!,” with Ali adding: “We need to make music, and the process.  Otherwise I feel strange.”

He also spoke of the “amazing inter-generational thing” in the audience: “We need to encourage it!”

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The band were very pleased with the HCA ‘rider’ of tea and cakes.  They also revealed that they have a lot of ‘groupies’: “We played the Barbican recently,” Mrs H said.  “It was full of people who’ve discovered us over the years, and joined in with singing.  It was lovely, glorious, gorgeous!”

She also talked about her book, Mrs H Sings – which will be ready by late November, and out for Christmas.  “Buy it online,” Mrs H plugged.  She will provide physical copies for Millman Street Community Centre members to peruse.

For more on Mrs H and the Singalong band please visit:

Badly-taken photos and report by Notes Smudger
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