#New Hue 3: The Repaintening


Pretty in Pink? Some think so…

Cast your mind back to a different age: a boiling British (i.e: Indian) summer,  the UK’s car market was boosted by record sales, and England had a new manager.  Optimism was rife (apart from daft sods who, according to free paper Metro, predicted that the world would end).

Meanwhile at Millman Street Community Centre, civil service volunteers from the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) were busily painting the garden railings with grey undercoat.  What a world it was!   Will we ever see its like again?

Hang on.  Yes, we probably will.  Because rather than some long-gone age, we’re only talking about last month here.  Subject to confirmation of this reporter’s initial analysis, the world almost certainly didn’t end on September 28th, 2016 as some predicted. But Big Sam’s tenure at the helm of England did, and the late summer is on the verge of buggering off until next summer (or autumn).

Fast forward to last Friday (7th October), and Millman Street Community Centre gardens again had its railings painted by volunteers, this time from Lloyds Bank, who covered the grey undercoat with a rich burgundy topcoat (“trifle”, apparently).  And the previously white brickwork is now a fetching shade of pink (“begonia”).

But what do HCA members think of the transition?

“I like it,” said Ivy.  “It’s nice and bright; cheers the old place up.  Makes it warm-looking.  Pink’s a warm colour.”

David: “I think it’s a nice colour.”

“It’s very nice,” said Helena.  “I like it!”  Rose agreed, and Queenie reckoned: “It makes it look a little bit different.  It cheers you up!”

Margaret said: “It’s quite nice, it looks lovely.  It’s made a lot of difference.”

George is colour-blind, but nonetheless said of the railings, “Well, it looks shiny.”

Ivy added: “They should do all of it [the brickwork] pink.  Then you can say you’re in the pink!”

Due to an oversight, no one bothered to take any photos of the Lloyds volunteers at work, or indeed ask them their names.  However, this gives your HCA reporter the chance to recycle both the grey undercoat photos and some of the awful puns that captioned them, juxtaposing them with pix of the new hue he was forced to take himself, arranged in a hackneyed before-and-after manner.



Paint That A Shame (with apologies to Fats Domino)…


Brush Strokes (forgotten 1980s Karl Howman sitcom)….



Pass the Duchy: No, not the former administrative centre for east-central France – this is a different kind of Burgundy…


It paint what you do…abandoned brush found planted in Millman Street garden


Holborn Community Association would like to thank the Loyds Bank volunteers for their time and efforts in brightening up the Millman Street garden, and it is hoped that, in time, we may even learn their names.

“Before” photos by Kate; badly-taken “After” photos & rambling gibberish report by Notes Smudger

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