#Stories & Music Workshops at Millman Street Community Centre

Yesterday (11th October), Millman Street Community Centre members were treated to a Stories & Music workshop, hosted by Emily and Calina.  They played various tunes on violins, including The Lambeth Walk, and told stories.

It wasn’t to everyone’s taste: “They’re alright as people,” said Ivy, “But I didn’t like [the workshop].  It was a bit highbrow,” she added, “Singing and violins.”  Despite her reservations, she said: “It’s nice that they come; most of the singing things here are good.”

“They were great, fantastic,” David said.  “Very good!  They played Any Old Iron,” he added.

“It was very good,” said Fred.  “She [Emily] explained all about the violin and the strings and how it works.  They played Edelweiss,” he recalled.

“It was very good,” said Helena.  “Very nice!  I enjoyed it!  I like all those songs!”

She added that afterwards, they chatted and talked about “all different things.  It was a nice afternoon.”

Emily and Calina’s Stories & Music workshops are on Tuesday afternoons at Millman Street Community Centre.

Report by Notes Smudger

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