#Stories & Music at Millman Street Community Centre

This week, as with all Tuesday afternoons (1:30-3pm), Millman Street Community Centre members experienced a workshop called Stories & Music.  These are hosted by Emily and Calina, one of whom plays the violin.  Which one?  No one bothered to ask, apparently.  However, in an improvement on previous weeks, photos were taken.


Emily (or Calina) possibly playing The Harry Lime Theme…

“It’s not my scene,” said Ivy.  “But it was alright.  They do try to sing the songs we like,” she added.  These included We’ll Meet Again, My Old Man’s A Dustman, Silent Night, Rock Around The Clock, Daisy Daisy and the Harry Lime Theme.

Members enjoyed a sing-a-long.  “One of them played violin,” Fred said.  “The other went round with a microphone.”

She [Emily or Calina] interviewed Queenie, about stories [from her life, presumably] and what songs she remembered, a process they seem to be doing with all HCA members one by one as part of a project.

“She plays lovely on the violin,” Fred said.  She’s got a music box and a book of loads of songs.”

“It was lovely,” said Helena.  “Very enjoyable.  We had a bit of a sing-a-long.”

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Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger

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