#Anarchy in the HCA? Martin’s Leaving Do

Yesterday afternoon, Holborn Community Association said a fond farewell to Martin – who served as caretaker and general fixer-upper of stuff that needed repairing – after sixteen years at HCA.  The leaving do was held at Bedford House, with food cooked by Saira, a speech from Lucas and another by the man himself.

The do was held under the banner of Wandering Star; the reasoning behind this was Martin’s supposed resemblance to Lee Marvin in said movie.  Not everyone can quite see the resemblance, but then you never see them together, do you?

Left: Clint Eastwood (no, not the one from reggae duo Clint Eastwood & General Saint) with Lee Marvin – or is it HCA’s Martin? (No.)

In his speech, Martin said, “I’d like to thank nobody.” Not due to hubris, it should be pointed out – that would be quite out of keeping with Martin’s character.  No, he’d “like to thank nobody,” because he “didn’t want to leave anyone out,” and “didn’t want to offend anyone.”

Martin went on to say how much he had liked working at HCA, and especially with the kids at Bedford House.  “They’re little anarchists,” he said, appreciatively – Not a call to insurrection and/or overthrow of the system, it should be said.

Sarah said: “We had food, and there was a couple of guests.” – the new caretaker (John) and administrator (Charles).  “The food was amazing,” Sarah continued.  “There was samosa, cup cakes and pasta,” and also “red and white wines and juice for the kids.”

Tom and Sevilla were amongst the Millman Street Community Centre members who attended, along with former HCA management types Sue and Len.

“It was fun,” Sarah said.  Martin “Looked like a cowboy,” she said.  “He had a kilt and [tartan] blazer,” she added.  However, Richard said that he wore not a kilt, but what he descrbed as a “green Rupert suit.”

“It was a nice party,” said Ruma.  “I enjoyed it; it was nice.  Saira did some cooking.  It was nice to meet new people.  We sat down and had a chat, had some fun.”

“It was alright,” said Steve, somewhat drily, almost as if he were too busy to talk further on the subject [which he almost always is].

Carmen was a little more forthcoming.  “We had lots of lovely food and drink,” she said.  “Everyone had a jolly good time.  It was a good turn out.  Lucas thanked Martin for all of his hard work, and said he’ll be much missed.”

She went on to say, “Martin said [in his speech] that he’d enjoyed his time at HCA,” and raised a few smiles when he said he, “Didn’t like fixing the toilets,” but liked interacting with the local community.

Carmen – clearly in the “he looks a bit like Lee Marvin” camp – put her arts & crafts experience to good use to hand-make Martin a card, which was emblazoned with the legend: “I was born to leave HCA.”

In true HCA style, it emerged that Martin is not actually leaving until the end of November; his leaving party was held yesterday for reasons unknown at this time.

In advance of his actual leaving, Holborn Community Association would like to thank Martin for his sixteen years of service to its members, and of course to wish him well in all of his future ventures and in his life in general.

Report by Notes Smudger

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One Response to #Anarchy in the HCA? Martin’s Leaving Do

  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    So sorry to have missed the fun. Great piece btw!

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