#Mysteries of Holborn: Valley of the Pharoahs?

Lovely old nonsense…

Holborn LinC: Millman Street

In the first of an occasional series, Millman Street Community Centre blog presents unusual tales of local interest *, beginning with this seemingly bizarre account of an ancient civilisation which may have its origins right here in Holborn…

[*of no real interest to anyone]

As most folk know from school History lessons, in 1922 Howard Carter discovered and excavated the tomb of King Tut.  That was in Egypt, of course.  But did Carter really need to travel all the way to North Africa to find evidence of the ancient Pharoahs?  Or were there ancient artefacts far closer to home which, had he discovered them, would have saved him a fortune in travel fares?

If the story is true, then might Holborn leave the UK and declare itself a dependency of Egypt, in a modern day Passport To Pimlico sort of way?  Or is the very idea nothing more than…

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