#Mysteries of Holborn: Valley of the Pharoahs?

In the first of an occasional series, Millman Street Community Centre blog presents unusual tales of local interest *, beginning with this seemingly bizarre account of an ancient civilisation which may have its origins right here in Holborn…

[*of no real interest to anyone]

As most folk know from school History lessons, in 1922 Howard Carter discovered and excavated the tomb of King Tut.  That was in Egypt, of course.  But did Carter really need to travel all the way to North Africa to find evidence of the ancient Pharoahs?  Or were there ancient artefacts far closer to home which, had he discovered them, would have saved him a fortune in travel fares?

If the story is true, then might Holborn leave the UK and declare itself a dependency of Egypt, in a modern day Passport To Pimlico sort of way?  Or is the very idea nothing more than a load of old cobblers?

Peruse the following ‘evidence’ for yourselves:


The Pharoah’s likeness, discovered in Millman Street’s garden…

Perhaps even more mysterious is the discovery of what some believe may be an ancient text in an as-yet-undeciphered form of hieroglyphs:


Ancient hieroglyphs? Or blurred pic of reporter’s dreadful handwriting? The mystery endures…


This is all very well, but does any of this constitute any real evidence of Holborn being the birthplace of the Pharoahs?  Or is it (as some have suggested) merely an exercise in padding out the blog, due to no one taking any photos when there were actual activities at Millman Street Centre during the last week or so?


Another photo of the Pharoah’s likeness, as if reiteration would add any credibity to this dubious claim…

One local resident – himself almost entirely fictional – said: “This is a completely fabricated story, perpetrated in order to hoodwink loyal Holbornians and Egyptians both ancient and modern.  It’s a disgrace!” he continued. “I shouldn’t be surprised if Egypt broke off diplomatic relations with Holborn!  And furthermore, the author of this tripe shouldn’t be paid a brass farthing for this sort of hogwash!”

Fear not, because in what is the only real truth herein, HCA’s scabrous hack quite rightly never receives a penny for his lamentable efforts.


The Pharoahs helpfully left an “Ancient Egyptian-to-modern English” translation stone…


So, is Holborn really home to the ancient Pharoahs?  Without an all-expenses paid trip to Egypt [under no circumstances whatsoever – HCA bosses] to compare its so-called pyramids, sphinx etc, to the Millman Street finds, we may never know.  And so, for now at least, the mystery must remain unresolved…

Next Week: UFOs

Last Week: Time Travel

Holborn Community Association would like to distance itself from all spurious claims made in this report.

Badly-taken snaps & gibberish/report by Notes Smudger

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  2. Leonardo says:

    Smile of the day Smudger, you should ask for a raise.

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