#Tea & Trumpet: Mrs H & Sing-Along Band

This report is brand flipping new, pop enthusiasts: within the last hour or so, Millman Street Community Centre has once again hosted a gig by Mrs H & the Sing-Along Band.  In addition to Ali on the double bass, this time the band was augmented by Byron on the trumpet.


Mrs H: a giant of rock’n’roll, judging by the size of the chairs…

The band entertained our members and local children with a selection of songs and dances.  Among the songs performed were Put Another Nickel In The Nickelodeon, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and their self-penned compositions City Bells, Dance Away With Me, Hello HelloTrain Song and Follow Me.  Rumours of the band performing a selection of Taylor Swift cover versions in order to attract a younger following proved unfounded.

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Our members enjoyed themselves, as ever.  Afterwards, the band joined our members in consuming tea and cakes (as stipulated in their rock’n’roll rider).  Byron and Ali shared your HCA reporter’s incredulity about the fact that Mrs H is yet to make more of the fact that Toby Jones voiced her book, See My Friends, in order that his involvement might help shift a few more copies.  But that’s the sort of modesty typical of Mrs H.

As ever, HCA would like to thank Mrs H & the Sing-Along Band for their time in entertaining our members at Millman Street Centre.  Especially on such a chilly, drizzly day that would surely have deterred lesser musicians from turning up.  Possibly.

For more on Mrs H and the Singalong band please visit:


Photos by Sarah; report by Notes Smudger

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