#Mysteries of Holborn: UFOs Invade WC1 (sort of)


The coming of the Blurry Saucers: Holborn invaded by “space fiends”…?

More mysteriousness at Millman Street Community Centre, with what may be (though probably not) the vanguard of an alien invasion…

Several unreliable eye-witless accounts and some dreadful, unconvincing photos suggest that we may not be alone in the universe.  Snaps of ‘saucers’ and weird space residue (see slideshow below) possibly add up to the following words (or not): How mysterious!

So did Speckley-phizzog’d creatures from beyond the stars choose Holborn as the place to study humanity?  And, if so, why?  Has Holborn’s reputation as the centre of weird goings-on – on this planet often referred to as Earth – reached as far (or further) than Alpha Centauri?  And, if so, what do the blighters want with us?  To share their advanced technologies for the benefit of all mankind, perhaps?  Or, more sinisterly, to butter us up for a full-scale conquest by the (possibly) slime-encrusted space beasties?

We may never know for sure until we find ourselves either (a) enslaved for extra-terrestrial amusement and/or food, or (b) beholden to our magnificent benefactors for sharing their wonderful scientific and/or medical advances that may allow us to overcome our petty human squabbles (see: most of human history), cure diseases and live to a ripe old age, etc.

“Both of these suppositions are stuff and nonsense!” opined a passing boffin.  “The chance of there being life elsewhere in the universe,” he continued in a similarly pompous manner, “Is negligible.  And,” he snorted, waggling a finger to emphasise his right-ness in such matters, “If they do exist, why would they come to Holborn of all places?”

Cheek.  Why not Holborn?  But when you put it like that, it does sound like a load of old cobblers.  However, a different, if equally fictitious boffin (who also chanced by, conveniently), begged to differ.

“I beg to differ,” he said, as if to reiterate the sentiment from the end of the previous sentence.  “The sheer variety of life on this planet alone suggests that given the right, earth-like conditions – planets orbiting their stars in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – there could well be an even greater abundance of life elsewhere in the universe.  And, er, some of them might come to Holborn.  You know, for a day out…”

Crikey.  With two such differing opinions, it’s confusing, and difficult to say what’s true and splendid and what’s a pile of reeking effluence, so who can say for certain?  The following blurry pictures add nothing to the debate, but do nonetheless help fill out an otherwise threadbare blog:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now you’ve seen the photos, if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will (except perhaps real evidence).

So, in conclusion, there is not much conclusion that can be adequately concluded, and, therefore the mystery continues [That’s right, Earth-Slop: nothing to see here; keep doubting our existence and intentions – Sinister Alien Overlord.]

Next Week: Some or other guff (possibly Ghosts or the Holborn Triangle or some such)

Last Week: Time Travel (slight return)

Smudged photos & fanciful nonsense by Notes Smudger

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