#Funky Clobber: Quality Clothing Party at Millman Street Community Centre


Just the sort of schmutta that might be on display….

On Thursday, 1st December, Millman Street Community Centre will play host to a Clothing Party.  The event is run by Neil, commences at 1:30pm, and will continue until every blessed item is sold (or when Neil gets fed up and shuts up shop to count his wedge).

This is no jumble sale, mind: there will brand new, top quality, clobber on the racks.  With the festive season approaching, it may well be a boon for bargain hunters looking to pick up quality new togs at prices that won’t have you raiding your Swiss bank accounts.

The event is open to all Millman Street Community Centre members, so if you are one – or can befriend one in time to smuggle you in – nip down to the Centre and see what takes your fancy.  You may even walk away with one of these exclusive outfits at a knock-down price:


You may laugh now, but they’ll all be wearing it this time next year….


Can’t you just see yourself in one of these outfits…?

Sartorial elegance by Notes Smudger

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