#”Cakes in Abundance!” (and a Carol Service at St George The Martyr’s Church)


Good King Wenceslas

Last Monday (November 28th), Millman Street Community Centre members travelled to sing carols at the nearby St George The Martyr church.

“It was very good; it was fantastic,” enthused David.  “The vicar bought a new dog for his kids, and the kids picked a name for the dog.”

There was carol singing, gospel reading and two prayers were recited.  Among the carols sung were Silent Night and Good King Wenceslas and Noel.  “It was very good,” David resumed, “Better than last year.  The others all had cake!”

“It was very, very good,” agreed Ivy.  “We sang Noel.  I love all that.  There was lovely food afterward,” she added.  “Sausage rolls and sandwiches.  Cakes in abundance!  All different types!”

Our members were joined by people from other local community organisations, including some from the Russell Square Centre, and by local kids.

“It was very nice,” said Helena.  “We had a sing-song.”

The Carol Singing event seems to have gotten everyone prepared for the festive season.

“I loved it!” said Rose, shyly – and would say no more.  Say no more, Rose; say no more.  Nuff said.

Below: the lyrics to Good King Wenceslas; St George The Marytr Church.

Report by Notes Smudger

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