#89 Not Out! Happy Birthday, Helena!


The birthday girl awaits her cake…

Yesterday, 29th November, Millman Street Community Centre saw a birthday celebration for our member Helena, who was 89 (and will continue to be so for, roughly, the next 12 months.  Give or take).  Ivy, Rose, Edna, Mulegetta, Fred and Olive, Tom, Jean, Sevilla and other Millman Street members had signed her birthday card, and were on hand to help Helena celebrate – and of course to enjoy a slice of birthday cake (before staff and hacks got there).  Said cake was precision cut, and served to Helena by Sarah.

The lady herself blew out the candle, and members and staff all sang Happy Birthday To You, in traditional style; even those whose ‘singing’ is thankfully rare joined in, reminding all present to appreciate what “thankfully rare” means.

Looking to the future, Helena hopes to receive a telegram or three from the Queen on her birthdays. As for this year’s do, see slideshow below for a brief, pictorial summary of the party:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Badly-taken photos & Report by Notes Smudger

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