#Festive Season at Millman Street Community Centre


The Christmas tree ready to twinkle for the festive season…

This Festive Season, Millman Street Community will host a scintillating cornucopia of Christmas parties, a Dinner, and live performances from friends old and new.  These include cherished regulars like Mrs H and the Singalong band, the been-here-before-but-not-for-a-while The Daisy Bowlers, and – for the first time at Millman Street – The Sugar Sisters.  Details below – we could have put them here, but thought it better that you have to wade through distracting photos before you get to them.  And even if you scroll down feverishly for said details, you might just catch a glimpse of something that takes your fancy…

Carmen – our Activities Coordinator – has already been busy with the Christmas decorations at the centre.  Take a butchers at the baubles, tinsel and – last but not least – the Christmas tree in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Promised details are below, but first some more pictures of the various performers champing at the bit to entertain our members, and a bit of background on some of ’em.  Mrs H and the Singalong Band should need no introduction for seasoned readers (see sundry other of their performances at Millman Street Centre).


Mrs H and the Singalong Band…

The Daisy Bowlers are Debbie, Heather and Dave.  they perform quirky tunes, from the Charleston to jive, with ukele, double bass and other instruments.  They appeared at Millman Street last year, in conjunction with CLOD Ensemble, and, after their busy year, HCA are honoured to welcome them back this Christmas.


The Daisy Bowlers anticipate their return to Millman Street Community Centre…

The Sugar Singers comprise of Ruby, Stac and Heather.  A love of 3-part harmonies, ukelele and red lipstick brought them together, it seems.  They play everything from 1940’s swing to 1990’s R&B and calypso.  They have appeared on the late Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 show, BBC1’s The One Show, the Chelsea Flower Show and as the house band for BBC1’s Children In Need live show.  HCA looks forward to seeing them perform for our members.


The Sugar Sisters hold Santa captive until after their Millman Street gig…


Wednesday 14th December, 1:30pm:

Christmas Party with Mrs H and the Singalong Band

Friday 16th December, 11:45am:

Christmas Party with The Daisy Bowlers

Monday 19th December, 1:30pm:

Live concert with The Sugar Sisters

Thursday 22nd December, 12 noon:

Christmas Dinner! [Cost: £6]

All events are free (unless stated otherwise) and open to HCA members, and, possibly, a couple of their mates might – just might – be smuggled onto the guest list, subject to availability.

HCA Would like to thank all of the performers  – friends old and new – who are due to appear at Millman Street Community Centre over the festive period.

Contact details:

Mrs H: www.singalongsongs.co.uk/




Blurry bauble pix and Report by Notes Smudger

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