#Christmas Dinner Magic Show at Millman Street Community Centre


Christmas Magic…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre hosted its annual Christmas Dinner.  Members were fed and watered, deafened by festive tunes on the CD player, and enjoyed the speciality magic act undertaken by John, our new caretaker.  Before the festive grog took hold and fears of the riot squad having to attend, there was a raffle, organised by our Activities Coordinator, Carmen.  There were also presents handed out.

Old hands such as former caretaker Martin and ex-manager Richard turned up to lend a hand, enjoy the festive spirit and to eat and drink with our members.  Richard also drew out the winning raffle tickets.

John was re-named Jupiter John and His Magic Wand for the day, and performed several card tricks to the delight of our members.  Slideshow below gives a flavour of the magic:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers who helped our members celebrate Christmas in so fine a style.

Botched photos and wayward reporting by Notes Smudger


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