#Mysteries of Holborn: A ‘Genuine’ Christmas Mystery (at last)?



The mysterious Christmas light beam…

This Christmas at Millman Street Centre, there was a ‘genuine’ mystery: a weird beam of light emanating from the vicinity of the centre’s Christmas tree (pictured above).  Is it, as has been suggested, yet another example of this reporter’s rubbish photo-taking ability?  An as yet documented natural phenomenon?  Some kind of festive miracle?  Or, more preposterously, a genuinely weird and inexplicable event (at last)?

Before the conclusion be er, concluded, here’s a couple of other spare photos to fill up blog-page space:


The Millman Street Centre tree before the ‘incident’…


The Millman Street Centre piano, for no real reason

Back to the mystery:

Below are two obviously staged pictures that pupport to show the centre’s Christmas tree running amok and turning on volunteer Pat.  But the ‘beam of light’ photo at the top of the report genuinely wasn’t staged – some may scoff at this, but regular readers will know this reporter’s grasp of photoshop is totally insufficient to have faked something anywhere near as well as that.


The all-too obviously staged Christmas tree terror..


Conclusion:  As ever, readers are left to judged for themselves, as no proper scientific analysis was undertaken.  Makes you wonder, though, eh…?

Next Week: The New Year Mystery (i.e: why this reporter hasn’t yet been sacked)

Last Week: Temporal Anomalies (slight return once again)

Festive nonsense by Notes Smudger

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