#Happy Birthday Sarah!


Happy Birthday Sarah…!

Today is the 23rd birthday of Millman Street Community Centre’s hard-working Care Assistant, Sarah.  Instead of skiving off, pretending to have a cold, or slinking off down the pub with her mates, she braved the January weather to come into Millman Street Community Centre for work, and also to share her birthday cake with our members and staff.  What a star!

The staff had a whip-round and got her a nice birthday card which everyone signed, and Kate also bought her a portable charger, which, as this befuddled reporter understands it, is apparently a necessity and generally a good thing to have for Sarah’s phone.  The birthday girl declared herself happy with the present, especially as she had intended to buy one herself after work, so good timing there by Kate.


Sarah’s Birthday cake…

There was a brief birthday party, which included a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday To You sung by staff and members, the ceremonial cutting of Sarah’s lovely chocolate and strawberry cake, and tea and a slice of cake for all.  A pictorial representation of the events follows:

Sarah has worked at Millman Street Centre for a couple of years now, and is very popular with our members and staff alike.  HCA would like to thank her for everything she has done, and continues to do, for Millman Street Community Centre members.  And of course to wish her many, many more birthdays.

Poxy photos and rambling report by Notes Smudger


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