#Millman Street Community Centre Welcomes our New Manager


Almost too tall for the Millman Street wall: Our new Older People’s Coordinator…

Today marks the first day for Millman Street Community Centre’s new Older People’s Coordinator, Andrew.  A fellow almost too tall for the Millman Street wall, and bearing a passing resemblance to film critic Dr Mark Kermode, Andrew is a native of Southampton – a “Hampshire boy,” as he puts it.  However, he has lived and worked in the capital since 1998, currently residing a stone’s throw from a famous North London football club.  You know, the one that’s better than The Other Lot, who shall not be named.

Our CEO, Lucas, also popped into Millman Street in order to ease Andrew’s initiation and integration, and, along with our HCA Administrator Charles, became the first victims of this reporter’s woeful photography efforts of 2017:


Andrew, Lucas and Charles recreate that famous Frost Report sketch…

Prior to his appointment at HCA, Andrew worked for several charities, including Age UK (where he managed Day Centres), Anchor Care Homes, and Central & Cecil (C&C).

On his first day at the Centre, Andrew took time to meet, greet and eat with our members, asking them about themselves and their needs, the better to help him with future planning, and he already seems to have established a rapport with them.

“In time,” he said, “I hope to know Millman Street [Centre] and all its members inside out.”

“I look forward to working with everyone,” Andrew said.  “HCA reflects the needs of the members; a place where everyone feels welcome.”


Andrew gets to know Edna…

Holborn Community Association would like to extend a very warm welcome to Andrew, and wish him every success in the role.

Poxy photos and rambling report by Notes Smudger

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