#2017:New Timetable at Millman Street Community Centre

Looking forward to 2017?  Why not, you miserable git?  You should be full of anticipatory glee at the prospect of the next twelve months.  Especially if you’re a Millman Street Community Centre member.  For they can expect the resumption of workshops for January and beyond.  Some of these may have moved around the new-look schedule.

For example, the Play Reading With Norman workshops – long a mainstay of a Friday afternoon – has now moved to Tuesday afternoons, 2:30pm-4pm.  And Sarah from Westminster Kingsway will now host Reminiscing workshops on Friday afternoons, 12:45pm-2:45pm.

Once 2017 properly gets going, we hope to see a plethora of activities old and new for our members.  As details of new workshops emerge, there will of course be further updates about these additions to the Millman Street schedule. And proposed day trips will similarly be announced. We also hope to see the return of old friends, such as Mrs H and the Singalong Band, and anticipate some new ones, to entertain HCA members throughout the year.


Norman delighted with new Tuesday Play Reading slot…


Some sort of musical malarkey from Millman Street archives. Similar but different to come in 2017…


So never mind the nay-sayers, doom merchants and miserable gits who prophesy all sorts of horrid and frightful stuff for the next twelve months.  HCA wishes all its members a happy and very prosperous 2017.  And beyond…

Photos: various; update by Notes Smudger

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