#Great Knits! New Knitting Circle at Millman Street Community Centre


Rose gets ready to clickety-clack…

“Oooh!  You great nit!” – Just the sort of thing Frankie Howerd or Kenneth Williams might have shrieked in exasperation at passing nincompoops in their respective well-loved voices.  But hang on, what sort of tenuous link has this with Holborn Community Association?

Ah, well, you see, it’s not that sort of nit:  There’s a silent k missing…

Eh?  A silent k, you gasp?  nitk, you mean?  What sort of gobbledegook and/or mumbo-jumbo is that?   What’s the fool babbling on about this week?  What does it mean?  Out with it, man; out with it!

Truth be told, there is a new activity on the timetable at Millman Street Community Street Centre.  Each Wednesday, between 10am-11am, there will be a Knitting Circle, hosted by Gloria and Jane. Knit, you see.  Clever wording?  Possibly, but probably not.  What seems certain is that there is already interest in the new addition to activities from some of our members. Rose seems particularly keen, though kept an inscrutable silence as she knitted one, purled one.

Likewise, Helena is also looking forward to the Knitting Circle, but was also not giving much away.  “Most of the members like knitting,” explained Gloria.

“I’m not a good knitter,” Margaret said.  “But I can do it.  I’ve been knitting for years.  It might make the rheumatics in my fingers better,” she added.

Indeed, Gloria also said: “At this time of life, fingers can become arthritic.  It [knitting] keeps arthritis at bay and makes fingers more pliable.”

If you are an HCA member and interested in the new activity, let Gloria know via the usual methods – phone, email etc – and she or Jane will do their best to accommodate you into their Knitting Circle.



Rose’s knitting is all a-blur…

Badly-taken pictures and rambling report by Notes Smudger

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