#Shiny Haloes: New Year Gift Boxes for Millman Street Community Centre Members


Carmen and Jan (right) hand out the New Year gift boxes

On 24th January, Millman Street Community Centre members were each given a gift box by the ‘Haloes’ group kids from St George the Martyr’s Church.

Along with Steve and other HCA staff, Jan – who hosts the Hand Pampering workshops at the Centre every Tuesday afternoon – handed out the kids’ gift boxes to our delighted members.  They were grateful and some of them surprised by the gifts.  David said: “There were biscuits, candles, sweets, pairs of socks, a vest, and a card.  It was very nice to get it from them,” he added.

“Very nice,” agreed Fred.  “We [he and Olive] had a surprise when they gave them to us.  Olive was quite Happy!”

“It was fantastic,” Gloria said.  “It was very good of them, very kind.  They [the church] teach children to care and share in the community.”

There was a ‘Thank You’ card made by Gloria and Carmen, which signed by our members, and given to Jan at her next Hand Pampering workshop to pass on to the St George’s Haloes group kids.

HCA would like to thank the Haloes group kids and Jan from St George the Martyr’s Church for making and giving the gift boxes for our members.

Photos: various; report by Notes Smudger

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