#Film, Food & Fundraising: HCA’s 2017 AGM

Last Wednesday (1st February), Millman Street Community Centre hosted Holborn Community association’s Annual General Meeting.  According to those who attended, the speeches were kept mercifully brief, before HCA members and staff tucked into the food and drink – including a vegetarian curry – lovingly prepared and served by Ruma, Rose and Saira.

The event was designed as a celebration of HCA’s achievements, hopes for the future and recognition of senior staff (Sue and Richard) leaving, and also welcoming new ones such as Befriending Manager Kate and our new Older People’s Services Manager, Andrew.

The latter spoke of HCA’s “strengthening relationship with Camden Council”, which of course we encourage wholeheartedly.  Lucas and Paul apparently talked about HCA’s budget and read from the HCA Annual Report.  Sarah said: “Lucas showed a short film about identity.”

This was in fact 1A Art’s Finding Yourself, which was made in association with the nearby Foundling Museum.  Around nine minutes long, it features various vox pops on the streets of London concerned with the theme of identity.  It features the Voice of ‘Nobody’ (as portrayed by Duane Louis), with James Ratee as the Voice of ‘Post-It Notes’.   See below:


Labelled: A Still from 1A Arts’ Finding Yourself

Sadly, Finding Yourself didn’t include a musical soundtrack, so we were denied the opportunity to hear the late, great Poly Styrene belting out X-Ray Spex’s classic sax-ridden – and very apt – Identity.

As for the AGM, no one seems to have taken any photos to put on the blog.  And this reporter’s gripe wasn’t the only one: “It wasn’t well attended,” confided someone who wishes to remain anonymous (for some reason).  “But it was alright,” added the mysterious person (in a broad Caledonian male accent).

Another member who (again needlessly) wished to remain incognito, said: “I’ve been attending [AGM’s] for quite a few years.  This year’s attendance was low, probably because they changed the time to earlier [than in previous years].  It was very brief, then a social evening; they love curry, but it doesn’t agree with my stomach,” he (or she – anonymous, remember?) added.

Conversely, HCA’s Administrator Charles said of the AGM: “It had quite a large turn-out,” adding, “There was a brief talk from Lucas, Paul and [Chief Trustee] Crispin, and a film was shown.  That seemed to go down a treat.  There was lots of delicious food and drink afterwards.”

HCA would like to stress that members are allowed to express their opinions, even if they differ from any ‘official line’ that there may be [if there is one, this reporter is yet to hear of it], so there is no need for anonymity.  Of those prepared to be named, when asked their thoughts, George “Enjoyed the food afterwards.”

“It was very good,” said David of the AGM.  “Same as last year – but not the year before, ” he added (bizarrely).  “They showed a film, and interviewed people; talked to people outside Russel Square tube station, etc.  It was very good.  Nice food and talking to one another.  A discussion of where the money and funding goes,” he recalled.

Where does it go?  Not on photographs of the AGM, it seems; nor on 1A Arts acquiring rights to vintage tunes to feature on its short film soundtracks.  Probably good financial housekeeping, come to think of it.  Anyone who wishes to help Holborn Community Association maintain the aforesaid good housekeeping in future can of course donate via this reporter’s private Swiss Bank Account (via various tax havens, unscrupulous regimes etc) and he’ll ensure that the cash isn’t squandered (certainly not on his visits to Zurich, various tax havens or indeed dodgy regimes).

Alternatively, you can always donate to HCA via its website:

admin@holborncommunity.co.uk, under ‘Fundraising’

or call: 020 7405 2370

Photos: no one bothered; ragged, rambling report by Notes Smudger

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