#Everybody’s Heard About The Birdwatching One-Off at Millman Street Centre Gardens*

*Or will do if they read the following…

This coming Friday (17th February), Millman Street Community Centre will play host to a one-off Birdwatching-related workshop.  It sees the return of Alice, who ran a series of such workshops last summer, illuminating HCA members with all sorts of informative stuff about feathered beasts.


Dickie Birds return to Holborn…?

Whether Alice can charm the birds from the trees in mid-February remains to be seen, but it is hoped that she will return for another series of Birdwatching sessions during what is sure to be the gloriously sunny summer of 2017 [ahem].

Details about this coming Friday’s workshop are scant at present, but perhaps HCA members will get a glimpse of the legendary Fig-Pippet.  Or maybe not, as it may not actually exist – Google is a bit vague on the subject, seemingly confusing ‘fig’, with the abbreviation for ‘figure’, and adding ‘pippet’, or seemingly random combinations of the two with woodpeckers and other types of pippits [that do actually exist] chucked in for good measure.  Will we ever know the truth?  Over to you, Alice…


Can it be?!? Is this the legendary Fig-Pippet…?

Report and nonsense by Notes Smudger

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