#”Nothing to Dislike about it!”: Clothes Party at Millman Street Centre


Helena goes on the (sales) rails…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre hosted the latest of Neil’s three-monthly Clothes Parties.  Our members were able to browse through a modest if quality collection of schmutta, and a few of them even ended up taking home a bargain or two.

Neil has been in the rag trade – or at least holding similar parties – for 20 years, with Millman Street Centre being a regular gig for him for several of them.

Gloria and Edna bought some vests, Margaret a pair of trousers and a”nice jumper,” of which she said: “There’s nothing to dislike about it.”

Edna and Ada were also happy with their purchases, as was Ivy, who bought, “Two pair of trousers.”

Attempts to give this reporter’s wallet moths a rare afternoon out came to naught, as he was, predictably, far too parsimonious to part with any spondoolicks.  Besides, as he dresses like he found his clothes in a skip, Neil’s superior garments would look out of place in his ‘wardrobe’ (i.e: the aforesaid skip).  That’s the excuse that the notorious stinge gave, at any rate…

Like as not, Neil didn’t raise enough moolah this afternoon to warrant him opening a Swiss bank account, and he still intends to buy a lottery ticket tonight, but all in all, “It’s always good to come here,” he said.  “Always nice.”

HCA would like to thank Neil for giving our members the chance to snap up some quality bargains.  We hope to see him again in around three months for his next Clothing Party at the Centre.  Unless his lottery numbers come up, of course…


Queenie takes a butcher’s at the schmutta…

Fuzzy photos and ragged report by Notes Smudger

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