#People Are Strange: New Doors at Millman Street Centre



Celebration of the Lizard…

Today, Millman Street Centre had its main doors replaced, courtesy of Camden Council’s Repairs Team.  Steve reckoned that the old doors were rotten, and may well have been in place ever since the Centre opened.  Those who grimace at awful puns should probably stop reading now…

Still here?  Oh, well.  You can’t say you weren’t warned.  The two Camden workers modestly wished to remain anonymous as they carried out their work. Well, People Are Strange, aren’t they?

In the afternoon, it started drizzling outside, so the work was underway just in time to offer shelter to any Riders On The Storm.  The new doors are quite sturdy, robust enough to prevent any ne’er-do-well who planned to Break On Through; and the expected downpour likewise likely to thwart any who wanted to Light My Fire.

Of course, the replacing of the doors is only the first phase of the operation:  Camden’s Repairs Team will be back soon to paint the new doors.  Only then will their task have reached The End

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Holborn Community Association would like to thank Camden Council for the new doors and other repairs to Millman Street centre.

Fuzzy photos and a-door-able report by Notes Smudger

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