#Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser at Millman Street Centre


Gloria with the completed jigsaw puzzle…

Holborn Community Association member Gloria is raising money for HCA by completing jigsaw puzzles at Millman Street Community Centre.  Jean M is buying the pictured Jelly And Cake puzzle, completed today, and Ken is going to buy Gloria’s next puzzle, entitled On The Water.  The lucky duo will receive their purchases affixed to a sheet of strong paper which they will each then have framed.

Why, so taken with Gloria’s efforts was this reporter that he vowed not to even try to divert the raised funds to his Swiss bank account – an unprecedented gesture by the notorious ne’er-do-well.


Jelly And Cakes: completed

If you would like to help Gloria raise funds for HCA, you can buy other jigsaws that she will complete.  You can contact HCA via the given addresses and phone number and discuss the extent of your generosity (i.e: how much you’ll pay).  Dig deep, good friends, and help Gloria raise a fortune.

Pix & Report by Notes Smudger

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