#Pancake Daze & Pareidolia at Millman Street Centre: #Mysteries of Holborn


Shrove Tuesday nosh…

Yesterday, 28th February, was of course Pancake Day, with millions of people tucking into pancakes wherever the tradition is observed.  Millman Street Community Centre members were no exception.

“It was good,” said Ivy, adding that it, “Made a change,” to have pancakes.  “Twas lovely,” David agreed.  As did Helena, who added, laughing: “I miss my mum’s pancakes!”

“It was absolutely glorious!” Pat enthused, adding: “It was lovely!”

The pancakes were made by Ruma, who “tossed them up in the air,” according to Gloria, who added: “We all had one; no one was left out.  We were all clapping!”- a spectacular image for the Millman Street blog.

At least it would have been, if anyone had bothered to take any photos.  No one saved any pancakes for your HCA reporter either, and so his Augustus Gloop-like greed remains unsatisfied.  However, his nosy nose for a story soon blew into the handkerchief of post-truth when he attempted to trace the origins of Pancake Day itself…

His findings?  The origins of Pancake Day are ‘lost in the mists of time’ [translation: he couldn’t be bothered to look it up, despite having access to the internet and books].  Instead, the lazy, easily-distracted fool sensed a chance for another Mysteries of Holborn episode, and soon stumbled upon the phenomenon of Pareidolia: a psychological occurrence that, erm, occurs when the human brain thinks it sees a familiar pattern in a cloud, slice of toast or bagel, and so on:  some people report seeing Elvis’ phizzog in a cloud; others see the ‘man in the moon’ etc.

This reporter found several examples of Pareidolia, reproduced below, each supposedly bearing uncanny likenesses to various people and places:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, what do you think, readers?  HCA hopes that you enjoyed Pancake Day 2017, and looks forward to next year’s event.  That’s all from Mysteries of Holborn for now.

Fuzzy photo phenomena and nonsense by Notes Smudger

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