#Glorious Gloria: Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser Update


Gloria finishes another jigsaw puzzle for HCA’s coffers…

Further to last week’s blog, Millman Street Community Centre member Gloria continues to complete jigsaw puzzles, which are then bought and the proceeds given to charity.  The charity in question being Holborn Community Association.  Gloria’s latest puzzle is entitled On The Water, and has been bought by Ken, who kindly donated an undisclosed sum to HCA’s coffers.


On The Water (completed by Gloria)

Modestly, Ken brushed off any suggestion of his noble motives, saying only that he wanted to help raise money for HCA.  When pressed, he said that he’d bought the completed puzzle for his cousin in Lincolnshire – another jigsaw puzzler, it seems.

If that wasn’t enough, there were for once even well-taken photos, courtesy of Sarah, to attest to Gloria’s efforts.

If you would like to help Gloria raise funds for HCA, you can buy other jigsaws that she’ll complete.  You can contact Holborn Community Association via the addresses and phone number below to discuss the extent of your generosity.  Dig deep, good friends, and help Gloria raise a fortune…

HCA Contact details:

Tel: 020 7405 2493

Email: Millmanstreet@holborncommunity.co.uk

HCA Website: www.holborncommunity.co.uk

Properly taken photos: Sarah; rotten report: Notes Smudger


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