#Wallace Collection Visit to Millman Street Centre


HCA members enjoying The Wallace Collection…

Last Wednesday (1st March), Anita and Frances from the Wallace Collection in Marylebone came to Millman Street Centre, to show our members photos of some of the exhibits and tell them about the objets d’art.

In his foolishness, this reporter wondered why they hadn’t brought the original artworks with them.  It turns out that, aside from the logistical problems of lugging sizeable artefacts across London, some of said artworks are priceless.  As such, all sorts of legal, security and insurance considerations thwarted any such transportation.  Instead, the pitiable nitwit took a couple of photos and asked a couple of inane questions about some of the works.

There was The Adoration Of The Shamen [no, not a tribute to The Shamen of Ebeneezer Goode fame].  The painting is by 17th Century Spanish artist Bartolomé Estebán Murillo.  Edna enjoyed it, and “Knows all about it,” having been to The Wallace Collection before.

There was also Madame De Pompadour’s tea service, another beauteous object crafted in the Sevres porcelain factory.  HCA’s wretched hack learned that Mme De P had been, in the 18th Century, the mistress of Louis XV.  Quite how the porcelain tea service fits in to her story remains unclear to the ignoramus.


Helena and The Adoration of the Shamen…

Among the other treasures that the ladies also brought along, there was a Daguerreotype “Of an unknown family in India”, Frances said, adding that it dated from around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries (circa 1899-1905?).  This early form of photograph was usually made on glass plates, our hack discovered.  Despite its great age and the primitive camera with which it was taken, the snap remains superior to the feeble, blurry efforts taken by this cack-handed reporter on a modern mobile phone.  Progress, eh?


Edna and Mme De Pomp’s tea set…

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Anita and Frances from The Wallace Collection for bringing both the objects and their knowledge to Millman Street for the benefit of our members.  We hope that they will replicate the visit soon.

Poxy Photos and rambling report by Notes Smudger

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