#Hallelujah! Easter Tea Party at UCLU


No one told Queenie about The International Day of Happiness…

20th March is the United Nations’ International day of Happiness.  We at HCA hope you enjoyed this years’ celebration of happiness last Monday.  Now, remember: no more enjoying yourself until next 20th March….

Also on Monday, Millman Street Community Centre members attended an Easter Tea Party hosted by the Women’s Hockey Club at University College London Union (UCLU).  They provided tea, coffee and home-made food, and Caroline – UCLU’s Volunteer And Welfare Secretary – said it was “one of the major volunteering events of the year.”

UCLU volunteers talked to HCA members, asking them about their lives and experiences, and there was also bingo, and a singer and pianist who entertained everyone.  Due to an oversight, this reporter was actually allowed to attend, and was thus able to get on-the-spot reactions as events unfolded from those not swift enough to avoid his dreaded questions.  Naturally, he missed all the important moments while faffing about with trivia and unnecessary minutiae, but still.

“It’s very good,” said Tom, in the present tense.  “I’m enjoying the grub!”

Did Sevilla enjoy it?  “Very much so,” she said.  “We come every year.  Not as good as last year,” she joked (we think), but she allowed that: “They do their best.”

Queenie was “Enjoying it very much,” and, after speculation about who would tickle the ivories, she revealed that she could play Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I’m In Love [a song from circa 1923 research – yes, sometimes there is some, despite appearances – reveals] on the piano.

Helena was also “Enjoying myself, thanks very much!”

Janice’s husband, Geoffrey, said: “I’m fine.  Janice is lovely!  This [UCLU] is a short walk from our home.”

George also enjoyed himself, especially eating the cake, which he said “Is too much of a good thing.”

Our Manager, Andrew, who later turned up, seemed to agree, as he was pictured tucking into cake in an unflattering photo (see below) which he nonetheless cleared for inclusion here.  Good man.


Andrew gamely tucks in…

There was much laughter from the UCLU volunteers as they drew the bingo numbers from a bingo-ball-producing contraption, inventing new terms for various numbers alongside the ‘legs eleven’ etc, ones that most people know.

One of the bingo prizes was won by our own Queenie, with some help from Sevilla, who kept an eye on her numbers.  Queenie received a box of biscuits for completing her bingo card.  Then more cakes, sweets and drinks were brought around the tables by the UCLU volunteers.

The Tea Party reached a fine finale with music from a pair of students.  Ananua sang, and Steven played the piano.  They performed Imagine, Summertime, House Of The Rising Sun, Halelujah [the Leonard Cohen song], and Fly Me To The Moon.  Alas, they did not attempt a version of The Fall’s Bingo Master’s Breakout* to celebrate Queenie’s prize, but you can’t have everything.

[*The Fall?  Hmmm.  Pretty obscure reference – HCA Bosses; – Ok, ok, fair point.  But name another apt, bingo-related tune.  No?  Ah, not so easy, is it?]

Anyway, some of our members tapped feet and sang along to the songs that were performed.  At the end, there was wild cheering and applause from our members.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Andrew thanked Caroline and the UCLU volunteers for providing the Tea Party for our members.  Holborn Community Association would like to reiterate our gratitude to the Women’s Hockey Club at University College London Union. They can be reached at:



UCLU volunteers with HCA members…

Fuzzy photos and rambling report by Notes Smudger

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