#Blooming Marvellous: Flower Arranging at Millman Street Centre


Blooming marvellous…

Yesterday (30th March), Millman Street Community Centre members enjoyed an Arts And Craft workshop, hosted by Dee and Ambia from the Working Men’s College. This was a taster for a series of workshops scheduled for Thursdays at the centre.

This first workshop was flower arranging, with various of our members having a go. David proved particularly adept, and presented his creation to Kate, our Befriending Manager, whose office it now adorns.

mixed crafts

Knitting, rag rug making and peeling vegetables…

Ivy said, “I really enjoyed it. They said ‘You were born to do it’,” she added. “They liked what I did. I used to do a lot of this [flower arranging] when I was young. I used to make wreaths with a woman I used to help. I enjoyed it yesterday,” she continued. “It was one of the best classes I’ve been to for a long, long time!”

David said: “I did one for Carmen, one for Kate in the office; one for Ivy and one for Sarah’s sister.  I enjoyed it.  Twas very good!  They’re coming back again.  Queenie did one,” as did Helena.  His proficiency led Dee and Ambia to “Call me Elvis,” he added.  “I’ve done it before,” he said, revealing his technique: “All you have to do is twist it around and tie a knot in the bottom.  It was very good.  Brilliant!”

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The Arts And Craft workshops are beneficial to the spirit, and great fun to participate in.  HCA would like to thank Dee and Ambia from the Working Men’s College for providing said spirit-benefits and fun for Millman Street Community Centre members.

Photos by Sarah (one by Kate); report by Notes Smudger

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