#Bird-Related Activity and Gardening at Millman Street Community Centre


Alice helps Helena identify birds…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre saw two workshops blending into one another as both Alice and Rema hosted Bird-Related Activity and Gardening sessions respectively.

Alice said her group were “Making factsheets for identifying birds in the Millman Street garden,” and commented on the “Amazing variety” to be found there.


Bird-related activity…


Meanwhile, Rema’s group were potting this year’s strawberries.  “Anne is my star member,” Rema said.  “She potted nine.”  Edna potted four and Queenie three.  Rema was keen to stress that the strawberry variety is Cambridge Favourite.  “We all tried to work out funny tubers,” Rema said, before revealing that they were Jerusalem Artichokes.

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Holborn Community Association thanks both Alice and Rema for their respective efforts to inform and entertain our members.  We hope to see more of both of them now that the weather’s improving.


Steve pots strawberries as if serving Sunday lunch…

Photos by Kate; report by Notes Smudger

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