#”No matter where we go, it’s a laugh!” Tea Party at St George the Martyr Church


St George The Martyr church

On Monday (3rd April), our friends at St George the Martyr’s Church in Queen Square once again provided Millman Street Community Centre members with a tea party.

“It was very nice,” Ivy said.  She went on to recall how she and John, the vicar, had “talked about old times.  Like when he visited me when I was in hospital.”

“They’re all really nice people,” she added.  “There were some nice flowers given to us.  And home made cakes, sausage rolls and sandwiches.”

Queenie said: “It was a laugh.  No matter where we go, it’s a laugh!” – [Hmm.  Sounds like one of those lengthily-titled music hall songs.  Now, where’s that lyric sheet and pen…]

Anne also enjoyed herself at St George’s, as did Helena.  “It was very nice,” she said.  “I always enjoy it.  [John] is a very nice person.  They always lay things out [food] beautifully,” she added.

Margaret said: “It was lovely, really.  They’re kind enough to do all those sandwiches and give you little flowers.  I like Mary [from the church],” she added.  “They’re all very, very nice.  They make you all welcome.  Lovely selection of cakes and sandwiches.  really lovely!”

Extolling the virtues of the atmosphere at St George’s, Queenie suggests that “We should have games at the Centre,” and urges someone to “Make something up, and we’ll have a game of it.”

Make something up?  Invent it, that sort of thing?  Hmm….

Have you any ideas for new games for Queenie and our other members to enjoy playing at Millman Street Centre?

If so, please contact this reporter [c/o Filthy Capitalist Management], who’ll help take your game idea to the commercial market and, ahem, deal with all the boring stuff [rights, legal issues, publicity, residuals, etc] all for a modest 50% of any profits generated.

  • No Matter Where We Go, It’s A Laugh is awaiting release on limited edition 78 rpm shellac vinyl on Millman Street Records via its New Music Hall label [c/o Filthy Capitalist Management]…


Holborn Community Association would like to thank our friends at St George the Martyr’s Church for, once again, providing our members with a lovely afternoon.

Photos: Alas, none taken; report by Notes Smudger

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