#Magnetic: Happy Birthday, Tom!


“Stalks in the fruit? That’s Sassenachs for ye…”

Last Tuesday (18th April), Millman Street Community Centre members wished Ayrshire-born Tom, a very, merry birthday.

During his working career, Tom was an Accountant Management Consultant.  He had his own business, after several years working for “top international companies” to gain experience.

A keen sportsman, in his youth he played inside forward for Scotland Under 18s, against both England and Wales.

As for the party at the Centre, lips were sealed and details scant, as is so often the case. However, this reporter discovered that members broke with tradition by not singing Happy Birthday to Tom, as he “doesn’t like” the song.  When asked for clarification, he was more concerned with the fate of Ayr United (currently languishing bottom of the Scottish Championship, alas).  He also seemed outraged by the prescence of “stalks on the fruit” in the lovely-looking birthday cake that Steve had ordered for the occasion.  Tom didn’t exactly say that such a thing was an abomination upon God’s clean Earth, but he may have thought so.  Or not….

Anyway.  Prior to the non-singing of Happy Birthday and cutting of the stalk-ridden cake, members also enjoyed another of Carmen’s Arts and Crafts session, where they made fridge magnets.  Thus allowing lazy hacks to flesh out scant reports and to contrive a tenuous link to Tom’s, er, magnetic personality.  See the Fridge Magnet Special slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While there was only one photo of the birthday boy, there were, perhaps tellingly, several snaps of the delicious-looking cake:


The stalk-ridden horror…


Sevilla contemplates the stalk-ridden horror…


Unflattering snap of Carmen…

As for the after-party, whiskey-fuelled excesses may well have happened.  Or not.  If so, no one told your HCA scribbler about it.  But then, they wouldn’t have, would they…?

Holborn Community Association would like to wish Tom a very happy birthday.

Photos: Steve and Sarah; rambling report by Notes Smudger

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