#Goodbye Gudrun! Comedy Improv at Millman Street Community Centre


Today, Millman Street Community Centre members wished a fond farewell to Gudrun, whose Comedy Improv workshops have been a feature at the Centre for two years.

During the side-splitting sessions, Gudrun would typically give members a subject and ask them to improvise, changing to different stories as they went along or make up scenarios on the spot.  The workshops were also quite good exercise, with a fair bit of walking around.  And, of course, laughter has long been said to be the best medicine.

Today’s session was no exception, and among others, there were comic renditions of Three Blind Mice, My Old Man’s A Dustman, Any Old Iron, and Molly Malone (better known as Cockles and Mussels, Alive, Alive-Oh!)

Laughing and clapping, Millman Street Community Centre members gave Gudrun as good a send-off as they knew how.

A quick shufti through the HCA archives dredged up scare few photos of Gudrun’s sessions, but the following one probably best sums them up:


Let joy be unconfined: a snap from one of Gudrun’s earliest Comedy Improv workshops at Millman Street

Gudrun plans to return to her native Austria. Members and staff had a whip round for her and Steve presented her with a card before today’s final session.

The place just won’t be the same on Wednesday mornings without the whooping, chortling and guffawing from the Comedy Improv workshops, which at some point usually featured the inexplicable chant, “I LOVE ME!”

After the final workshop, HCA members gave their reactions:

“It was good; funny,” enthused David.  “We did all sorts of stuff, like singing.”

“It was good,” said Mulegetta, adding (with customary dryness), “It wasn’t a comedy.” – Everyone’s a critic, eh?

“It was lovely,” said Queenie.  “Jawing, singing and things like that.”

“We have a bit of a laugh,” added Margaret.  Like the other members, she’ll miss Gudrun.  “She’s a nice lady, very nice!”

“Very good!” Helena said.  “Good fun!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, now that Gudrun’s er, good run (geddit? – comedy gold, that) has ended, will there be another comedy guru recruited to amuse, involve and inspire our members at the Centre [Well, if there is, it certainly won’t be you, that’s for sure – HCA bosses]..?

Details are fuzzy at present, but rest assured, once they’re a little more in focus, readers will of course be notified.

Holborn Community Association would like to thank Gudrun for giving her time and comedy expertise free of charge for the entertainment and benefit of Millman Street Centre members during her Comedy Improv workshops since 2015.

For more information on Gudrun, please visit: https://themagicmadhat.com/


See ya, Gudrun…

Funny-peculiar photos and rib-tickling report by Notes Smudger

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