#X Factor Flower Arranging at Millman Street Community Centre


The Carmen Miranda of Holborn…

Last Monday (8th May) was the anniversary of VE Day, when the Allies celebrated victory over the Axis forces in 1945 after six long years of World War Two.  This might have made for an interesting history workshop.

However, here at Millman Street Centre, we sometimes try to avoid the obvious.  Instead of our members’ recollections of VE Day celebrations, street parties and so on, they enjoyed another Flower Arranging workshop.  This time, it was hosted by Master Florist Peter and his assistant, Steve.  It emerged that the latter is also a contestant on this year’s television talent show The X Factor.

While there was much discussion of this among HCA members, this reporter (more an X Files gruesome thingummy than an X Factor contender) felt it best to concentrate on the flower arranging aspect of Monday’s session.

“The two guys were very good,” said David.  “They’re good guys,” he added, “Nice young fellas.”

“They bring all flowers and bowls and change the colour of the flowers,” recalled Ivy.  “They put sellotape on the bowls to make the flowers stand erect.  They were laughing and joking,” she added.

“It was good,” agreed Margaret.  “It’s something different.  I thought it was quite nice.”

Queenie also enjoyed the session, but largely watched other members’ efforts with keen interest.

As for the displays, Helena summed it all up.  “Beautiful,” she said.  “Absolutely lovely!  I like the tulips.  I like all flowers!”

Sounds like yet another blooming marvellous activity enjoyed by HCA at Millman Street Community Centre.  Check the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, flower arranging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as Mulegetta, Fred & Olive and Jean busied themselves with other matters (see below).  We’re not sure, but we think Carmen (top left) is about to attach a ‘Kick Me’ sign to an unsuspecting Steve…


Holborn Community Association would like to thank Peter and Steve for providing our members with this latest Flower Arranging workshop.  And of course we wish Steve good luck in The X Factor.


Photos by the blossoming Sarah; report by the withered Notes Smudger

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