#Green-Fingered Holborn: Gardening at Millman Street Community Centre


Gardener’s whirl: Sarah arbitrates twixt Rose (left) and Queenie…

Last Wednesday (24th May) there was an outbreak of fascination with all things green-fingered at Millman Street Community Centre.  That is to say, there was another of Rema’s Gardening group meetings.  Our members seemed to be enjoying themselves, but gawd alone knows what they were doing, as this reporter – green-fingered due to internal rotting – wasn’t privy to the fun.  But he vaguely recalls Percy Thrower muttering about “prize marrows”, “a fine tilth” and “John Innes Compost” from his youth.  So possibly (though probably not) it was something to do with that..?

To cover up this appalling ignorance, the following photos were taken and are now presented in a kind of retrospective pictorial to commemorate the event:


Queenie advises Rose: “Beware the Triffid…”


Helena dons white gloves ahead of cavity searching a cactus…


Rema unearths Anne’s horticultural talent…


Anne’s entry for the Chelsea Flower Show was a beauty

Rema’s Gardening group meet on Wednesday afternoons at the Centre.  Weather permitting, they sometimes even take place in the garden.

Flowering photos by Andrew; rotting mulch of a report by Notes Smudger

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