#Happy Birthday, Pat! from Millman Street Community Centre


The birthday girl about to cut her cake…

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members wished a very happy birthday to long-time volunteer (and former staff member), Pat.  She worked at Millman Street as a Support Worker for around thirteen years, then decided she didn’t want to get paid any more and instead work as an unpaid volunteer.

Pat shares her birthday with Tom Jones (born 1940); Colonel Gaddafi (1942); Damien Hirst (1965); current US Vice President Mike Pence (1949) and Knud J. V. Rasmussen, Danish pole explorer (1879, as if you didn’t know), among others.

Pat-Their Finest-2 (1)

Read into this (geddit?) what you will…

There was a bit of faffing about, in true HCA style.  But eventually, Pat cut her birthday cake and handed slices to HCA members.  Lovely drop of cake it was, too.  Everyone joined in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday To You.


Save a slice for Knud J. V. Rasmussen…

This shoddy report can’t do justice to Pat’s contribution to HCA.  Holborn Community Association would like to thank Pat for her many years of hard work at Millman Street Community Centre, and of course to wish her many, many more birthdays.


Knives out just in case Colonel Gaddafi tries to nick a slice of cake…

Photos and report: Notes Smudger

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