#Happy Birthday, Steve!#50 Not Out.

Steve Birthday-2

Next on Crimewatch: Many Happy Returns…

Tomorrow sees the 50th birthday of Steve, HCA’s Senior Support Worker  He thought he’d get away without a fuss by taking tomorrow off, but fortunately his mum, volunteer Pat, reminded us.  She bought him a cake, which was shared by Millman Street Community Centre members.  They also sang Happy Birthday to him.

Steve has worked at HCA for at least a decade, in two tranches.  London born and half-Irish, like many others who don’t live in Manchester, Steve supports Man United.  But we won’t hold that against him.  Come on, it’s his birthday after all…

Steve shares his special day with actors Meryl Streep, Prunella Scales and Kris Kristofferson, 1930s gangster John Dillinger, director Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot, Stalag 17), TV host Esther Rantzen, author Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code) and YouTube star ShoeOnHead (possibly not her real name).


Happy Birthday, Steve…

Here’s to another 50 years, Steve.  From all at Millman Street Community Centre.

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