#Herne Bay Seaside Trip#Forthcoming


Wish you were there? You could be, for a mere £12…

On Friday, 18th August, Millman Street Community Centre members are invited to a day out at the Kent seaside resort of Herne Bay.

This reporter waded into the shallows of Herne Bay’s history:  In 1912, the first “Brides in the Bath” murder by George Joseph Smith was committed in the town.  Less gruesomely, BBC scriptwriter Anthony Coburn, who lived there, was one of people credited with the idea of a police box as a time machine for Doctor Who, and the Blockbusters TV show host Bob Holness lived in Herne Bay as a boy.

The town has been used as a setting for several television programmes, including ITV period drama Upstairs, Downstairs, and the BBC comedy Little Britain.  Further back, the railway station was seen in an episode of the 1970s comedy Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em.  Herne Bay was also the hometown of the three main characters in the 1990s BBC sitcom, Game On.

We can’t promise you’ll bump into sunburnt cybermen, nor Mr Hudson, Vicky Pollard, Frank Spencer or Martin, Mandy and Matthew.  But HCA will offer the chance to stroll on the seafront or relax over fish ‘n’ chips, candy floss or a stick of seaside rock.  Maybe even have a paddle or top up your tan.  It should be a good laugh.

Tickets for the day trip will cost £12, and the coach is scheduled to leave the corner of Millman Street and Guildford Street at 9:15am sharp, returning in the evening.

To book, please contact Steve or Carmen on 020 7405 2370 (option 2), or email carmen.allen@holborncommunity.co.uk

Tourism in Kent assures HCA’s Notes Smudger that the cheque is in the post…


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