#Festival In A Box at Millman Street Community Centre#Mysteries of Holborn


Unkown jazz band at Millman Street Centre…

Last Friday (7th July), Festival In A Box provided a jazz band to perform at Millman Street Community Centre.  This was the first of three sessions on successive Fridays.  The next will be this Friday (14th July) from 1pm to 2:30pm.

However, this seemingly commonplace event might have made it as another of our Mysteries of Holborn series.

Why?  Well, because no one seems to have thought to ask basic questions of the band.  Like its name, or those of its personnel.

Faced with this dearth of information, this reporter was forced to research the subject of who or what Festival in a Box is.  Here’s what little he discovered…

Festival in a Box brings selected artists together with people in the community who cannot get out to the Festival, perhaps for health or mobility reasons.  Artists visit people in their own homes, or in day centres like ours, and provide company, cultural activities and entertainment.

Festival in a Box runs an annual event in Bloomsbury, running this year from 18th-22nd October.  It will also soon be instrumental in bringing a choreographer together with a befriendee from HCA’s Befriending Project, run by our Befriending Manager Kate.

As for the mysterious, unsung jazz band who played for HCA members last Friday, while the names of the female singer, and male double bassist and pianist are unknown, at least Sarah took some photos, and a brief film where they sang I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, a song perhaps best known for Billie Holiday’s version.  The rest of their set remains unknown.


HCA members enjoy jazz…

This reporter would like to apologise to Festival in a Box on behalf of Holborn Community Association for the aforementioned discourtesies regarding the jazz band which entertained our members at Millman Street Community Centre.  And to thank them for coming.

Eventually, your HCA sleuth discovered (thanks to Kate) that the person from Festival in a Box who organised the jazz band’s visit to Millman Street Centre is called Laura Halliwell, the FIAB Project Manager.  She might be contactable via:

Email: info@bloomsburyfestival.org.uk


Can you identify these musicians…?

Photos: Sarah; report Notes Smudger

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