#Happy Birthday, Ann! 90 Not Out


Happy Birthday, Ann…!

Today, Millman Street Community Centre members helped Ann celebrate her 90th birthday.  After watching a Carry On film after lunch, members gathered to watch the birthday girl cut the cake before slices were handed round.  She was also given a birthday card signed by members, staff and volunteers.


The birthday girl attracted a vampire…

Ann shares her birthday with actress Myrna Loy (born 1905), diplomat Shimon Peres (1923), globe-trotting documentary maker Alan Wicker (1925), actor Peter O’Toole (1932), ex-footballer Sammy McIlroy (1954) and Kevin Smith (1970), director of Clerks, Mall Rats and Dogma.  None of them could make it, so it was left to the Millman Street Community Centre regulars to sing Happy Birthday and Never Been 21 Before in Ann’s honour.

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Holborn Community Association wishes Ann all the best, and of course many more birthdays.

Photos and report: Notes Smudger


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