#Bollywood Dancing Workshops at Millman Street Community Centre#Coming Soon


Coming soon to a Holborn near you: There will be a new workshop at Millman Street Community Centre.  Bollywood Dancing will commence on 6th September, then continue every Wednesday between 11am and 12 noon.  The workshop is presented by the South Asian Akedemi Dance Group.

Details are scant at present, but the following (cribbed from Akademi’s website) should give an idea of its aims:

“Akademi creates extraordinary experiences for audiences across the UK and beyond.  Our performances embrace the rich diversity of classical, contemporary and popular South Asian dance styles.”

Expect further reports once the Bollywood Dancing workshops are up and running. In the meantime, there’s this to attend….

bollywood dance-akademi-2

…and join Akademi and @LoveCamden for a family fun day on 25 Aug.

Contact South Asian Akedemi Dance Group at: info@akademi.co.uk

Forthcoming attraction by Notes Smudger

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