#Herne Bay Day Trip for Millman Street Centre Members


Millman Street Centre invades Herne Bay

Last Friday (18th August), Millman Street Community Centre members embarked on a day trip to Herne Bay.  Situated on the North Kent coast, around 65 miles from Holborn, with views of the Isle of Sheppey and possibly a glimpse of Southend, it was Herne Bay’s first experience of HCA’s day-tripping hordes.  The town seems to have survived our onslaught.  Just.  At least, none of our lot were banned from going there again…

Judging by the photos Sarah took, it was a bit blowy at times, but otherwise the weather was quite clement.  But what did our members think of Herne Bay?

“I liked it,” said Jean M, adding that there were some “Nice shops”.  “It took two hours on the coach; I enjoyed the fish and chips,” she said.


David blends in with contemporary Kent fashion…

Tom also enjoyed the day out.  “The sea air made me sleep at night,” said the son of Ayr.  “I wasn’t naughty,” he deadpanned , eyes a-twinkle.  “I was a good boy!”

A likely story.  Tom prefered Herne Bay to Whitstable (a nearby resort visited by HCA  members a couple of years back).  “There was a seafront at Herne Bay,” he added, also enjoying the fish restaurant where our members enjoyed a break and a bite to eat.

Ivy prefers Southend, but seemed to enjoy Herne Bay, having “Been there before, a long, long time ago.”  She added,”We done a lot of walking about; It was nice and it kept fine for us [weather-wise].”

Jean M recalled that there was a “Nice little shopping centre.”  She bought a couple of blouses, some seaside rock, a couple of tea towels and a Wallace and Gromit ornament.  “I had tea and cakes with Carmen,” she added.

“It was good,” Mulegetta said, and would add no more.  Fair enough.  “It was very nice,” Helena agreed.  “I enjoyed it.  Pottered around.  It done us good.  Loved it!”

Janice attended, along with husband Geoffrey.  “I enjoyed it very much!” she enthused.  She had never been before.  “It was great fun!” she said, beseeching HCA to: “Organise some more!”

We’ll see what we can do, Janice: other day-trips are at the planning stage, with details to come nearer the time.


Noreen gets the better of her ice cream. Just about…

Jean M said she enjoyed her day out in Herne Bay.  “The locals moved out of your way more than they do around here [London],” she said.  Surely she’s not suggesting that anyone in the capital is rude?  Perhaps Kent folk are more renowned for their politeness?  Hmmm…

“I like travelling in the coach, watching all the heavies [HGV lorries] go by,” said Jean – a pioneering female lorry driver in her day.   She got home around 7:40pm.  “It tired me out,” she recalled, but added: “I’d like to go again.”

Maybe you will, Jean.  Maybe you will.  We’ll see where Holborn Community Association’s days out are in the summer of 2018.  But for now, what seaside trip report would be complete without a slideshow?  Not this one, that’s for sure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Sarah; Herne Bay’s Tourism Department would probably like to thank her and Notes Smudger for this glowing report.  All donations gratefully received.

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