#Beauty and Complimentary Therapies at Millman Street Centre


Beauty therapy at Millman Street Centre

For the last couple of weeks, and for the next five, Millman Street Community Centre members have been/will be enjoying a course of Beauty and Complimentary Therapy workshops.  The workshops run from 12:20pm until 2:30pm, and are run by Nuressa from Westminster Kingsway College.

“It’s lovely,” Margaret said of last Wednesday’s workshop.  “I love somebody to do my nails,” adding that it was “Nice and relaxing.”

Nuressa also works in other community centres, giving their members the benefit of her expertise.  “I love my work,” she says.

Of this week’s workshop, Edna “Enjoyed it very much.  Everything was quite pleasant,” she added.  Anne also enjoyed herself, and “loves having my nails done.”

As does Shonni.  “I loved it,” she said.  “It occupied my mind.”

Nuressa’s Beauty and Complimentary Therapy workshopsrun at Millman Street Community Centre for the next five Wednesdays.

For further information, please contact her: nuressa.begum@fecolleges.london



Holborn Community Association would like to thank Nuressa for providing her workshops at Millman Street Centre.



Photos: decent one by Sarah; report and blurry pics: Notes Smudger

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