#RADA Tasters Workshop at Millman Street Centre


© ® The Badly-drawn Theatre Mask Group™ 2017…

Ever fancied yourself as the new Garbo, Bogart or, er, Danny Dyer?  Or dreamed of irritating audiences during a far-too-long acceptance speech in which you thank everyone from your third cousin (twice removed) to the Key Grip and Best Boy? Or even mumbling bizarre, nonsensical lines – with hushed gravitas – throughout an ill-advised revival of an obscure nine-hour play about window cleaning in 1920s Czechoslovakia, to a crowd of 17 in a drafty provincial theatre for a weekly pittance?

Well, there are no guarantees but such dreams might one day come true.  You might even get to tread your first board after attending another taster workshop at Millman Street Community Centre.

HCA is pleased to announce that the workshop will once again be hosted by our friends from RADA, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. It is intended as an insightful, exploratory, practical workshop designed to offer an insight into RADA’s weekly Elders Company, for people aged 60 and over.

The session is scheduled to begin at 10am and run for two hours on Thursday, 26th October. There is no charge for participants.

No previous drama experience is required. Participants will explore drama exercises, games, voice work and movement. Joined by graduates of RADA’s Elders Company, attendees will discover more about the Company, its work throughout the year, and the tutors and ethos of RADA.

HCA members are all invited to attend. We can’t promise you a glittering career in film, television or theatre, nor a mantelpiece creaking under the weight of Oscars, Baftas or Olivier Awards. But you just might get a taste for treading the boards.

To apply, please contact Andrew at: andrew.rogers@holborncommunity.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you. Whatever you do, remember two things: don’t mention The Scottish Play. And, if you really want to succeed, under no circumstances allow this reporter act as your agent…

The idea for the workshops at Millman Street came from Carys, the Widening Participation & Outreach Coordinator at RADA.  She can be reached at: caryswilliams@rada.ac.uk

Holborn Community Association would like to thank RADA for providing Millman Street Community Centre members with another wonderful opportunity.

Recycled report and, er, ‘artwork’ by Notes Smudger

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